What about the limits and reliability of our perception in an increasingly computer-generated and AI-influenced visual world? Processes of merging digital media with reality lead to hybrid forms of appearance, located between reality and virtuality. The information and truth content of images therefore appears more problematic than ever. Can we still trust images, can we still trust our own perception? Artists explore this development, provoke an examination of certainties that have become problematic in the realm of images and challenge us to a ‘reality check’. Paintings, drawings, photographs and spatial installations show labyrinthine pictorial spaces, fascinating surfaces and surreal events. Are things as they seem? Art becomes a training ground for critical seeing; the exhibition invites visitors to reflect on differentiated realities and limited truths.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue with contributions on art as well as additional texts from the fields of philosophy, media research and psychiatry.

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Silke Albrecht | Stefan Bräuniger | Ulrike Buhl | Felix Contzen | Kerstin Flake | Caroline Hake | Markus Huemer | Theresa Moeller | Achim Mohné  | Jochen Mühlenbrink | Anna Nero | Stephanie Pech | Jana Thiel | Angelika Trojnarski | Francis Zeischegg