Visitor guidelines and policies

We warmly welcome you to the Kunstmuseum Ahlen

These house rules are intended to ensure a pleasant stay for all visitors.

The house rules are binding for all visitors as well as internal and external employees and all employees of companies who are in the building on the basis of an assignment. By entering the museum building and the outdoor area, they recognise the house rules and all other instructions issued to maintain safety and are obliged to behave accordingly.

Domiciliary rights

The museum management, represented by the staff of the Kunstmuseum Ahlen, exercises domiciliary rights. Instructions must be followed. They serve the safety of visitors and the protection of the cultural artefacts on display.

Admission and opening hours

Admission prices and opening hours for exhibitions, guided tours and events are determined separately. Information can be found at the ticket office, on the Kunstmuseum Ahlen website, in flyers and printed material or from the ticket office staff.

Children and

Children under the age of 10 may only visit the exhibition rooms when accompanied by an adult.

Adults accompanying children and young people, such as parents, teachers, group leaders or legal guardians, are responsible for the appropriate behaviour of all persons in their care. There is a duty of supervision. Running and romping around is not permitted.


Animals are not permitted in the exhibition.

Cloakroom and

It is not permitted to enter the exhibition rooms with bulky, wet or sharp objects of any kind, e. g. umbrellas, walking sticks (walking aids excluded). 

Backpacks and bags of any kind that exceed a size of DIN A 4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) and a depth of 20 cm are not permitted in the exhibition rooms. Medical aids are excluded from this. Please store such bags in the lockers. The storage of suitcases cannot be guaranteed due to lack of space.

No liability is accepted for stored items and clothing.

Smaller handbags must be carried clearly visible at the front and close to the body. In case of doubt, the supervisory staff will decide.

Wheelchairs, rollators and baby carriages are permitted in the exhibition rooms.

Behaviour in the exhibition rooms

Touching the exhibits is generally not permitted. Exceptions are labelled.

Visitors are liable for any damage caused by their behaviour. In the event of damage to exhibits, museum staff are authorised to take the personal details of the person responsible.

The instructions of all employees must be followed.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the museum building.

Eating and drinking in the exhibition rooms is not permitted.

Bicycles, scooters and the like are not permitted.

Visitors must behave in such a way that staff and other visitors do not feel hindered or inconvenienced. Please show consideration for other visitors and employees. Avoid noise and loud phone calls.

The museum management and staff are authorised to check all exits and visitors in the event of suspected theft.
Emergency exits, stairs and passageways must be kept clear for safety reasons.

Photography and filming

Photography without flash and without selfie sticks as well as filming for private purposes is permitted. The recordings may not be sold, reproduced, transferred or used commercially in any other way. The personal rights of visitors must be respected.

Recordings are permitted in the context of current reporting. A display of the reporting is desired.

Photography and filming for commercial purposes is permitted with the authorisation of the museum management. A fee may be charged for this in individual cases. Permission must be obtained.

Lost property

Please hand in any lost property at reception.

General information

Visitors who violate these house rules or the instructions of staff may be prohibited from entering the museum and its outdoor areas. Visitors who repeatedly fail to comply with the instructions of the staff or the house rules may be banned from the museum.

In the event of expulsion from the museum premises, the admission fee will not be refunded.

For security reasons, the exhibition rooms are under video surveillance.

The museum is closed to the public outside opening hours.

Severability clause

Should individually provisions of these house rules be invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the house rules.

Entry into force

The house rules come into force with immediate effect. They can be viewed at the ticket office, on the Kunstmuseum Ahlen website and from the museum management.