Theodor F. Leifeld Foundation

Since the establishment of the Theodor F. Leifeld Foundation by the Ahlen entrepreneur Theodor F. Leifeld (1921–2005) in 1993, it has been the sponsor of the Kunstmuseum Ahlen. As the majority shareholder of Kunstmuseum Ahlen gGmbH, the foundation is responsible for financing the museum's operations, which enables the continuous presentation of top-class exhibitions and programs. In addition, the foundation's main purpose is to promote art and culture as well as education and science. Following the death of Theodor F. Leifeld, the Board of Trustees was and is led by seven members. Under the leadership of Chairman Ulrich Wiesehöfer and Deputy Chairwoman Cornelia Glaser, the members of the Board of Trustees are committed to the continuous development and success of the Kunstmuseum Ahlen.
Thanks to the commitment and financial support of the Theodor F. Leifeld Foundation, the Kunstmuseum Ahlen remains a vibrant place of art, education and encounters for the entire community.

The current members of the foundation board are

Ulrich Wiesehöfer (Chairman), Rheinbreitbach
Cornelia Glaser (Deputy Chairwoman), Stuttgart
Leonie Glaser, Munich
Lambert Quante, Ahlen
Meinolf Wiesehöfer, Ahlen
Ulrich Griesdorn, Essen
Dr Andreas Dombret, Bad Homburg v.d.H.

Theodor F. Leifeld Foundation, Weststraße 94 a, 59227 Ahlen
0 23 82/63 05-5