Förderkreis Kunstmuseum Ahlen e.V.

Commitment to art

The Förderkreis Kunstmuseum Ahlen e.V. is a community of committed art lovers who support the Kunstmuseum Ahlen. Since its foundation, the association has, in accordance with its statutes, aimed to support the museum both ideally and materially and plays an important role in the realisation of numerous projects and exhibitions.
One focus is on promoting creative art education in the museum's studio and expanding the museum's educational program with a variety of formats from the fields of music, literature and dance. The Förderkreis also actively supports the development of the collection.

A further aim of the Förderkreis is to strengthen the cultural relevance of the Kunstmuseum Ahlen and to promote a flourishing art scene not only in Ahlen but also beyond. The museum regularly serves as an inspiring meeting place for committed members of all ages.

Through memberships, donations and voluntary work, the Förderkreis makes exhibitions, events, educational programs and much more possible. Members have the opportunity to actively participate in cultural life in Ahlen and receive exclusive insights into the world of art as well as special events, guided tours and other exciting benefits.

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